10 things you’ll do when you finish the LC

By June 23, 2014Debs, Leaving Cert, Summer

You have spent the last few months cooped up in your room studying (or at least trying to), but now the LC is finally over!! What could you possibly do with your time? We can think of a few things!! Here’s a list of the 10 things you’ll do the minute you are finished the LC…

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1. Celebratory night out


You haven’t been out with your mates since graduation and before that it was probably the Pre Debs. So all you want is a good old fashioned night on the town to celebrate your hard work! (If you chose to drink, please be safe and drink plenty of water!)

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2. Watch a whole Netflix series

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You have been waiting months and it’s finally here! You can now watch Orange is the New Black season 2 on Netflix… WITHOUT feeling the slightest ounce of guilt that you should be studying!

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3. Sleep

marry bed.gif

You will sleep for a day.. At least!

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4. Go on your 6th year holiday


You have been waiting for this all year… and it’s finally time to board the plane and head off to Santa Ponsa for a week of madness!

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5. Study


No. just kidding! But you will keep thinking about different things that you need to study and then realise that it’s all over.. YOU ARE FREE!

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6. Have a duvet day



Get that onesie out and spend all day lazing on the couch! You don’t even have to watch telly! Invite some mates round, eat food and plan what you will do on your 6th year holiday!

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7. Look for a job


It was all well and good having no money during the LC as you spent most of your time at a desk.. But now its the summer and you want to be able to go out with your mates every night or go on spontaneous trips to the cinema just because you can! So you’ve printed out the CV you did in 4th year and have started distributing it around to the local shops (who are we kidding you usually get your mum to hand it in when she’s on the way to do the weekly shop)

YOU’RE IN LUCK!! PMD are looking for outgoing, innovative 17-19 year olds to make up our new rep team! Apply now: www.planmydebs.ie/preps

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8. Watch The World Cup


You may not even like football! But you will watch it, just because you can!

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9. Wave goodbye to your revision notes


Whether you are the type to burn them, bin them or bind them and keep them for your little brother/family friend/5th year sitting the LC next year.. you will never have to look at them again (Unless maybe you are doing Geography as part of Arts in UCD next year, then they may come in handy!)

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10. Make a Bucket list


This is your last Summer of no responsibilities.. use it wisely!! Make a bucket list.. It could be anything from climbing the Sugar Loaf to taking a trip to Kildare village to shop for your summer holidays! It’s a good idea to plan this with your school friends because once you go to college, travel the world or whatever else your plans may be, you will not get to see them as much!

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Enjoy it guys! It will probably be one of the best Summers of your life !