The 10 thoughts that go through a girls head before the Debs

So the Debs can be a stressful time for everyone, but it’s a well known fact that girls tend to take it a lot more seriously than lads…

From deciding the colour/style of their dress, to what way they will wear their hair, the shade of their tan and who they will bring to accompany them on the night, the process can be a lengthy one!

Ever wondered what the main things are that go through a girls head in the run up to the Debs? Well we’ve decided to do just that and make a list of the top 10 thoughts that go through a girl’s head before the big night.

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1. The “Who wore it better”

same outfit.gif

A girl’s worst nightmare is having another girl at her Debs wearing the same dress as her, especially if the other girl isn’t even in the school. To avoid this there are a few boutiques that will take your name and school and won’t let anyone else attending that Debs purchase the same dress.

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2. The Bow-tie blunders


Girls tend to freak out that their Debs dates bow-tie/ties won’t match their dress… So to avoid this happening just send them a picture of your dress or just  keep it simple and ask if they wouldn’t mind sticking to black, then they have no excuse to get the wrong one!Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 15.34.03

3. The Shoes

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You have bought the 7 inch heels from Aldo that match your clutch, however you have accepted that you won’t last in them all night.. So what will fit better in the clutch? Slippers or flip flops?

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4. The Debs diet


Girls often tend to stress about dieting before their Debs! You’re all only fabulous and don’t need to be doing that! When it comes to that 3 course meal on the night of your Debs… SCOFF IT! It’s always good to line your stomach especially if you’re going to be drinking (If you do choose to drink please be sensible and drink plenty of water!)

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5. The Ex


Will one of your ex’s be there? There is always a chance that one of the girls in the other group will bring him… Or, that he goes with one of the lads because he doesn’t have a date… Or, worst case scenario, YOU have to go with him because you broke up the week before and everyone else was taken!

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6. The DMC

bff dmc.gif

Ok, we all know that when one has a few drinks they tend to pour their heart out to people and by people we mean the hot science teacher, the ex best friend or worse the ex. Well if we are going to be honest.. this will most definitely happen…it’s the Debs, what do you expect?

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7. The New Girlfriend

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If your ex is in your year and has moved on before you, the last thing you want is to see them together at the Debs…all over each other. And we know what you’re thinking, if she’s there her tan better be dodgy and a glass of red wine will be accidentally spilled over her dress by your best friend. But try and forget about it and surround yourself with the gals, after all it’s your last night together.

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8. The Tan


When will you shave/exfoliate? Is the day before too late to get it done? When will you shower it off? SO many questions so little time…

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9. The Transport


The age old question of how are you getting there? This can always be a tricky subject if you haven’t booked a bus with your Debs company because you then need to figure out who is in your bus/limo/car. Obviously everyone can’t be there so how do you pick, and then how do you tell them?

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10. The Pre drinks

prom lake.jpg

Before the Debs, everyone wants to go to a house with their friends, drink champagne with the parents and pose for group pictures in the back garden. But it’s always so hard to decide whose house! There are so many different factors, e.g. location, size, should you offer yours/do you want the hassle? #firstworldproblems

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Word of advice guys: Relax, Everything will fall into place and before you know it the Leaving Cert will be over and you will be having the time of your life at the Debs! Can’t wait to see you all there looking fabulous!