11 things you will experience on the day of LC results

By August 13, 2014Committee, Debs, Leaving Cert, Summer

Although receiving your LC results may have been daunting  as it “will determine the rest of your life” don’t mind that, there are many different avenues to your desired career! However we can almost guarantee that the following will have been familiar feelings on the day of your results!

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1. Alarm panic

Panic sets in. But it’s not as if the alarm made any difference, you’ve been lying there all night waiting for it to go off.

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2. Mammys words of wisdom

This could be anything from “Look Tom whatever you get your still a genius in my eyes” to “I swear to jaysus Becky you would want to hope you passed higher Irish” either way take it with a pinch of salt they are nervous for you too!


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3. The journey to school

You may live up the road but this will feel like the longest journey you have ever taken! As you approach the school you see your maths teacher, the caretaker and RTE news?? What the hell are they doing here? They can think again about me being on the 6 O’clock news!


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4. The walk

You walk through the gates of the school and it feels like you’re back in first year, everything seems different since you were last there, and your mates are calling the teachers by their first names! You try to avoid eye contact with too many people as all you want is your results and out!


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As you get handed it you get flashbacks from JC results, bet you wish you were back there now! You may be the type of person to open it on the spot, go somewhere in the school that you hung out with your mates, or back to your car where your family are eagerly waiting..


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6. The calculator blunder

With todays technology they now have an app where you can easily add up your results! Super handy right? Well back in the day you would have to use your calculator and you were guaranteed to make a mistake! This is going to be a frantic experience and you will be eager to know your results ASAP but remember to take a breath and add slowly. Here’s a link to your points calculatorhttp://www.careersportal.ie/courses/pointscalculator.php#.U-H98YBdUc0


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7. The “awkward”questions

It’s LC etiquette not to ask “What did you get?”, you have to respect peoples privacy and even just by saying “how did you get on” or “are you happy?” is enough to show you care. This is how you will feel when someone asks “What did you get?”….


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8. The transition

When you leave school grounds you leave as an adult, the next time you’ll be there will be your Debs and you’ll officially no longer be in 6th year! Congrats and welcome to the start of the rest of your life! Own it, Work it!


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9. The calls

A lot of calling will be going on today, whether its your granny calling to see how you got on, your mates calling to see the plan for later or your mum calling to remind you text your auntie and tell her your results!


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10. The Pre drinks

You are finally reunited with your mates in a familiar setting! No matter what you got or where you’re going next year, everyone has reunited for their last hurrah before the Debs! Don’t focus on what you got, focus on being together and having a blast! Because once September hits, you will all be going your separate ways! And remember guys please be safe!


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11. Results night

EVERYONE you know will be out in town tonight! There will be tears (both sad and happy), there will be laughs (both sarcastic and happy) and there will be dancing! 


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Congratulations to all of you who received your LC results today! Just remember no matter what you get there are plenty of different ways to access your chosen course/career! Enjoy tonight’s celebrations and please be safe! We look forward to seeing you all at the Debs!