Valentines Sucks


  1. The commercial entity that is Valentines Day puts immense pressure on the lads ….The Debs does not!

Throw on a suit and you my friend are ready to rock! No paying for your dates dinner or drinks or entry to a nightclub. Sure you have paid it already simply by giving her the honour of going with you 😉

2. Your debs is a night for you and all your mates!

 In comparison to V-day the Debs is a clear winner…..need I say anymore? A picture paints a thousand words!


3. The money aspect

Your parents will not dish out money for Valentines Day but they may sort you out for your debs!

4. You get to get UBER dressed up for the Debs …..

You can totes get away with wearing a big fancy dress & suit up for the debs …..Valentines not so much!

5. Valentines you kinda need a date or it’s technically not V-Day for you

Rock up to your debs with or without a date…no one cares except the person who may have wanted to go with you! Lets be honest the debs is more fun with all your true mates …lads or ladies!


Whether this makes you happy or sad, its a fact


7. Valentines happens EVERY year

As we all know Valentines is something that is celebrated every year until you get sick of the whole chocolates and card sharade…. Fat Amy catches our drift! The debs happens once in your lifetime MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!