Black Chyna

Tyga won’t be mending the constant battle between his new love, Kylie Jenner, and ex, Blac Chyna anytime soon! After Blac Chyna posting her big lip Instagram diss, Kylie has decided she now has no intent to meet the mother of her man’s child.

Things have kicked off between Kylie Jenner (17) & Black Chyna (26) as Chyna’s blatant recent instagram post on April 21 was the last straw for the reality star!

“Kylie thinks Blac Chyna is trashy and that there’s absolutely nothing she could ever learn or gain from her. Kylie doesn’t even hate her…she just thinks she’s sad. And it’s a shame because Kylie actually thinks Chyna is a pretty girl on the surface, but her attitude is deplorable,” an insider said.

“Before Chyna posted the picture, Kylie was down to meet her and put all the bulls— behind them,” revealed an insider “But now that she’s disrespected her in such a degrading way, Kylie won’t have anything to do with her.”