As a girl in my twenties I have tried most tans of all prices out there. Of course over time I have had my favourites and was very loyal to one or two brands. But for quite some time now I have found myself always picking up some product from the Cocoa Brown Range and right now would go as far as saying it is the best overall range for tanning and skin prepping products.

I am lucky enough to tan quite well during the summer months but for those other nine LONG months I rely on tan for every night out. So recently I decided to try two products from the range that I hadn’t before, the ‘Lovely Legs Spray’ and ‘Tough Stuff’ and once again my expectations were met. Let me tell you a little about both products:


1.     Lovely Legs Spray

I was so excited to try this as I love a tan, especially for my legs that hides bruises veins etc and this literally made them disappear. There was a lot of hype about this product and I can see why. I spotted the gorgeous Pippa O’ Connor wearing it on The Saturday Night Show a couple of weeks back and it just looked so flawless. I have tried a similar make up type of tan and it just spotted in the rain, which I hate, but this one was complete rain proof (such a plus for me). The scent is so nice and light. Girls this tan is so reliable you can bank on it for your Debs night. It retails for just 7.99e.

 2.     Tough Stuff

I have tried some body scrubs and for years I stuck to the same one, which was so expensive when I look back. I am recently back from holidays and my skin was so dry from all sun so when I got back I lightly scrubbed ‘Tough Stuff’ all over my legs and not only did it take away all the dry skin without being harsh, it prepped my skin for a light layer of tan I wanted to put on for the weekend. The product itself is pink, which is cool, and the amount you get is amazing. It retails for 4.99e enough said 😉


Cocoa Brown is available nationwide and their website is

P.S.  Marissa Carter (the founder of Cocoa Brown) has some tanning tips which I found extremely helpful. Just type into YouTube ‘Cocoa Brown tanning tips from Marissa Carter’.