free from leaving cert

FINALLY the once dreaded leaving cert exams are now over. The last couple of months have been filled with stress, comfort eating, long days in school and a lot of time with heads in the books! We can take this moment now to throwback on how we felt during exam season and to what we have to look forward to now…..

5 things all students worry about at exam time

  1. Not having enough time in the exam hall to finish the paper – we all know that one person who is a slow writer and has been practicing all year on writing fast enough to finish the exam on time while still making their writing legible for the examiner.

  2. What you studied not coming up on the paper – there are two kinds of people; those who study absolutely everything to avoid the stress of not knowing an answer to what comes up and then there are those students who study 1 or 2 areas and bank on them coming up on the day. From my experience the ones who study one are two are almost always lucky enough and flukily get away with it!



  1. Missing an exam – waking up late can be one of the most God awful fears! We all know the feeling of being late and during exams is not the greatest time for that to happen. Thank god the guards were kind enough to give Ian Fitzhenry a lift to school when he missed his bus with only 3 minutes to spare before the exam started this year!

  2. Asking for more paper- When someone asks for more paper in an exam let’s all admit it …..We panic!

5 things that got you through the exams


After exams there has to be celebration after celebration and knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel keeps us focused so that we can take it easy after all that brain power having been used…

  1. 6th year holiday – roll on Ibiza, Ponsa, Magaluf etc …SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!

  2. No more study (no more memorising useless information) …until college in September so make sure to take this summer to completely relax and enjoy yourself

  3. You can have lazy days again and just go out with friends without exam talk 🙂


  5. And last but not least….THE DEBS! The debs is only around the corner and we cannot wait to be a part of it and make it a night you will never forget!

Our first debs is kicking off next Tuesday 23rd June in Tulfarris 🙂 Keep an eye on our Facebook page for images of the night that will show the many happy faces to be finished their exams and an experience beyond expectation!!! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE 🙂