Feeling old yet? 10 years since the kid’s movie trilogy hit cinemas worldwide… Feeling old yet? Remember the days back in 2006 where you truly believed Secondary School would be just like High School Musical? Yeah I don’t know about you but for me that was a lot of false hope. All I wanted was Sharpay’s fancy locker…


  Ladies and gentlemen it turns out there really is hope for us all. Have you seen all the cast members? Damn I want whatever they’re having…

zac efron

 Yes, over the years we’ve all watched it when we’re bored at home, or if you’re out of school sick; Is it just me or a lot more awkward and cringy than what you remembered? Troy Bolton’s Bieber hair and cheesy pickup lines made me slightly nauseous but, the nostalgic feeling overruled from feeling like you’re 8 years old again. Remembering every lyric to every song from quoting Sharpay and her sassy bursts of anger.

Oh those were the days. Dancing to HSM in your bedroom not having to worry about Mocks or whether you filled in your CAO form correct for college in September. I’d rather be learning my times tables than be trying to figure out trigonometric functions; I can barley pronounce the word.

Remember when you’re stressed and going into an exam just be calm and do Sharpay and Ryan’s warm up exercise. It actually helps get rid of the nerves.

Brrr Brrr Brrr Mah!