Ireland V Poland

The Irish team were left chasing the lead after a succession of errors left Poland going ahead after 26 minutes.

A strong second half performance saw a number of goal chances for Ireland and towards the end of the match a goal was scored! After a slow start to the first half, ‘Slawomir Peszko’ scored the opening goal of the game for the away side.

There was a number of yellow cards for the Irish during the first half, with Hoolahan, John O’Shea and Séamus Coleman all getting carded.

Ireland took hold of the match for the second half of the match and had a number of goal chances.

The luck of the Irish… Ireland won a free towards the 65th minute. It looked like Ireland’s chances were up, until as the game went into the last minute of regular time.But a corner resulted in a last minute goal for the boys in green.

The Republic of Ireland team line out before the game.

The win now leaves Ireland in fourth position in their table with eight points. Poland remain top with 11 points and Germany and Scotland have 10 each.