Pennys for Paddys

Ok… I think every girl in Ireland would agree with me that the word “Penneys” deserves a spot in the dictionary. At some stage or another we have all  raided Pennys for some affordable fashionable jewellery (that turns your finger green after a day) or some flat pumps (to shove in your bag for after a night out).

So with Paddy’s day coming up, I went in to have a look to see what was there. They had loads of great little accessories and I picked up a few myself (ALL 2E OR UNDER) Have a look below to see whats in store:



These were a great little find. You can completely PADDIFY your make up look with these tri colour lashes alone. A must have for the day in my opinion.


This is the perfect hair set for the day as it includes everything (hairband, bobbin and clips) all for 1.50e. Can’t go wrong with this purchase.


With these glitter shamrock clips you can add a bit of colour to your hair on the day without dying it. It includes 6 clips (2 of the same colour).  This is 2e.


Enjoy your day guys !!! 🙂