So our pretty little liars have leaped into the future… I wasn’t prepared for this. What happened to Spoby, Haleb, Ezria? Im not okay with this…

pretty little liars

It all started with the new episode in Season 6 called “Of Late I Think of Rosewood.” In this episode we were told how Hanna was engaged to this new Aussie Hottie, Aria and Ezra split, Spencer and Caleb are flirting and there’s no sign of romance for Emily? What is this jumbled mess I witness…? Everything might have changed when they all left for college but the only thing that’s changed in Rosewood is the way that A signs off his/her message. Old methods of murder arise… blunt force trauma, of course. The Death of Charlotte DiLaurentis still remains a puzzle to the police but the Liars may have their own theory on what happened.

After watching the latest episode “New Guys, New Lies”, My head is spinning. Parents have gotten pulled into the equation (like Ashley Marin), or have they their own motives for why they’re in this A mess… Cough BYRON Cough. Yes, Mr. Montgomery had become hella’ creepy and may have an insight on the investigation of Charlotte’s murder. My hunch is that he supplied the murder weapon, then got framed by devil emoji A. It’s not like that hasn’t happened before.

                                                                                    devil emoji


A lot of lingering concerns have arisen as many of the ladies’ jobs are on the line as they’ve been stuck in their hometown for quite a while; Does this mean they’ll have to return to Rosewood for the foreseeable future? Has Alison gone mad? She’s gone to some farm in Pennsylvania while her friends are being questioned for her sister’s murder? Does she believe that the girls are innocent? Is Ali the new A, could it be Yvonne OR maybe it could even be Sabrina, Em’s new twinkle of a romance… We all know it’s way too obvious to be Sarah but why is she being so Sketchy? I neeeed to know who the new A is pronto. The New episode is out tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see.