Meet the faces of Plan My Debs!
Our creative and innovative team will assist you in every step of organizing your Debs. Our dedication to incredible music and using exceptional venues will help you create an experience beyond expectation and the chance to create the unforgettable.



Dan is probably the first member of the Plan My Debs team you will meet. When he’s not with Debs committees and giving them tours of our venues, he’s on the phone to suppliers beating down prices to get you the best deals and packages possible! He’s constantly improving every aspect of the PMD brand, upping the bar for debs and setting the standard nationwide. Dan’s a tiny bit competitive so don’t be surprised if he challenges you to some sort of crazy competition during your meeting!



The Big Brother of the office in more ways then one. He oversees every crazy project that passes through the PMD doors making sure all our ideas are delivered in the best way possible. Like all big brothers he’ll help you out with any problem, especially if it’s tech related cuz that’s his forte! A beard connoisseur and lover of good tunes, Rob can be often found firmly fixed to his Bose headphones doodling diagrams for the next big PMD idea.



Mark is the Admin King in our office, He’s always ready to help debutantes and has a solution for every problem! When he’s not doing this he spends his time out on the road meeting with committees and working behind the scenes to make sure that all is ready for your big night! Mark is basically every committee members BFF!



Lesley is Marks right hand lady! She spends her time assisting our debutantes with every single query. If she’s not in the office she’ll be at your school meeting with debs committees to ensure that everyone is happy! She keeps every customer up to date with all things surrounding their Debs, because of this she is seen as our fairy debs mother!!



Meet Steve. Steve is the Graphics and Marketing guru here at PMD HQ, also known as Chief Fun Officer! You’ve seen his graphics and you’ve seen his campaigns now meet the man behind the madness! “Live for fun” is his motto and he certainly practices what he preaches, he even has it tattooed on his leg! Happiest when eating a Boojum burrito in the sun surrounded by friends, Steve is always thinking of new weird and wonderful competition ideas and campaigns to give you an experience beyond expectation!



It’s Hazel!….Hazel is the bones of the brand, want to know the inner workings of any part of PMD, well then she’s your go to girl! Hazel makes sure everything at PMD HQ works smoothly. If she’s not pimping her skills in the kitchen she’s pumping iron in the gym! Hazel can also be spotted overseeing the smooth running of our events, making sure your night goes off without a hitch but with added amounts of fun!



Kirsten…..where do we begin. Social Media guru and competition queen are often how she is refereed to in the PMD office. Any time you are scrambling to get your entry into one of our great competitions this is the person who has helped make them happen. Kirsten is the face behind the blog, she manages all our online campaigns, and she even deals with suppliers to make sure you get the best freebies possible.