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Plan My Debs have gone nationwide and now we need your help! As a PREP your mission will be to showcase how cool PMD are while helping us connect with other schools too.


How will you do this? Easy! We’ll kit you the lucky few out with our awesome PREPS gear. We’ll give you branded snapbacks & Tshirts so you will really feel apart of the team.

Oh and did we mention this is a paid position?! Earning extra cash while still in school is always a winner!

Find out below how to apply to be a PREP.

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As a PREP you’ll receive a lot of very cool perks! Not only will you be kitted out with a slick uniform, you’ll get your phone bill sorted at the end of each month and even get free tickets to your Debs!
To make being a PREP even better you’ll get paid for promoting the brand and for helping us connect with future Debutantes! Check out our PREPS perks below to see what else you can get your hands on!

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This is a paid job! Work during the year as a PREP and earn your own income to have fun with!

Uniform - preps circle image

The PREPS uniform is not some boring shirt and tie! We’ll hook you up!  

Snap back

Every PREP gets a slick snapback too!

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All Preps get to go to the Debs for FREE! You’ll get your ticket so you can enjoy your Debs in style!


If all that wasn’t enough we’ll even give you FREE professional photography at your Debs for you and your date!


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Once your application is submitted we will contact you to explain the next stage. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BELOW!

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First Name

Last Name

Mobile (e.g 353870000000)


School/College Name

What County is your school in?

Class of? (What year will you graduate?)

Why should you be a Prep?

What's the craziest thing you've done?

What superhero would you be?

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Do you know loads of people in your area?
Do you have tonnes of mates in different schools?   Well we want you to prove it!

Your first Mission on the journey to become a PREP is to help us connect with other schools.

To complete your mission you must follow the steps below:

  • Submit the details of 5 people in 5TH YEAR.
  • Each person MUST be in a different school.
  • Use the form below to submit each contact (fill in the form once per contact).

You have until midnight on the 9th of March to complete your mission.
Successful applicants will advance to the interview stage.
Good luck potential PREPS!

Contacts First Name

Contacts Last Name

Contacts Mobile (e.g 353870000000)

Contacts Email

Contacts School/College Name

What County is your school in?

Your School/College Name

Your Name

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