Freebies and Benefits
Debs committee benefits & freebies
At Plan My Debs we understand the importance of the Debs Committee. We know making all of the decisions for your year can be a big responsibility.

Plan My Debs take all of the stress and worry out of the organisation of your Debs. Without the Debs Committee there to make the important decisions surrounding the Debs it would be impossible to do. That is why we offer benefits to all Debs Committees that we work with for the hard work you do.

Amazing benefits & freebies
If you’re on the Debs Committee then we know you are cool! If you want a FREE snapback just ask!
What could be better than getting to go to your Debs for FREE! The more people at your Debs the more free tickets you can get!
We will have a professional photographer at your Debs to make sure you capture your big night and look great too!
You will have exclusive access to our Debs Deals where you can get deals on loads of very cool Debs related stuff!